F.A.C.E. is an outgrowth of the Bethune Service Board which was founded in 1972. The Bethune Service Board supported programs of the Columbus Public School System, which sponsored the Bethune Center, an education center for pregnant teens. A group of women from the community, which was comprised of educators, social workers and other professionals, came together to raise funds to provide for an adjunct dental care program for the students. This fund-raiser was a theater presentation which elicited a positive response from the community, and demonstrated an interest in the continued presentation of arts and cultural programs.
In 1976, when the Bethune Center was closed by the Board of Education, the group decided to continue their activities and remain focused on educating African-American youth about their heritage through arts and culture.
In 1983, the group changed its name to Friends of Art for Community Enrichment (F.A.C.E.). In 1986 was awarded 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. Since that time, the mission has continued to be the presentation of local and national artists to the Columbus community each year.
In 1990, F.A.C.E. received a grant through the “Building Diverse Audiences” program of the Ohio Arts Council. The grant was provided to conduct a survey on the arts and cultural interests and needs of persons in the African-American community. This survey indicated that not only youth, but senior citizens as well, needed and wanted to know more about their cultural heritage. At that time, F.A.C.E. expanded its target audience to include youth and senior populations.
50 years
For 50 years, Friends of Art for Community Enrichment has been committed to empowering Central Ohio area youth and seniors by serving as a vital resource for education, culture and community enrichment, using the Arts as our tool of intervention.

Friends Of Art And Community Enrichment Inc.

F.A.C.E educates and enriches the community by supporting educational deficiency initiatives and sharing the art and culture of Africa and African-Americans

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Friends of Art for Community Enrichment (FACE) is a 501 ( C ) 3 non-profit organization. All correspondence should be mailed to:

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